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Business Events

Are you planning a business event and need someone who can organise and host it to your exact specifications? Let us help you communicate your knowledge effectively by creating an environment that will enable you to focus fully on the contents of your seminars or on the group results of your workshops. Having the right framework fosters knowledge transfer, facilitates decision-making and stimulates discussions at conferences!

We can manage your entire event for you, from preparation to event implementation and post-event analysis. Alternatively, we can assist you with parts of your event (e. g. participant management).

We have an incredibly flexible range of services that we align with your specific needs.

We look forward to discussing them with you!

More about our seminars, workshops & framework programmes

Did you know the term 'seminar' derives from the 16th-century Latin 'seminare' which means 'to sow' or 'seminarum' for 'plant nursery’? Before sowing the seed, farmers first tend to it. They prepare the ground and ensure it is protected from unwanted external influences – much in the same way that you do when deliberating how best to disseminate your professional or strategic agenda. You prepare your topics and create an inspiring atmosphere for your employees and business partners. And we are there to support you.

You name it – agricultural, outdoor, cultural and sporting side events of all kinds – we can organise it for you! At our fingertips, we have an extensive network of speakers, consultants, moderators, experts and other partners. Allow us to compile a seminar, conference or framework programme customised to your specific national or international needs profile.

Give your employees an experience they will remember for a long time to come...

Alternatively, we can organise activities based on an incentives programme purpose built with and for you.

And of course we are there to assist you throughout, especially with intensive exchanges on intercultural, economic, ecological, agricultural or political topics. Our VIP guests particularly enjoy our inspiring talks by the fireside and savour our specialist programmes for more sophisticated tastes and agendas.

It is our mission to design bespoke solutions for you and your guests and we look forward to talking to you about yours!


... from our clients and their guests –

'Our delegation group appreciated the workshop at Straßenheimer Hof very much. Not only the warm atmosphere and your understanding of and comparisons with Chinese culture, but also the professional lessons learned. Thanks a lot for the excellent organisation!'

Managing Director of a Chinese organisation based in Beijing

'Thanks Mrs Müller for the warm welcome and for taking care of our group. We've never learned as much in a week!'

Managing Director of a large Chinese business based in Beijing

'Many thanks for the informative seminar! The way it alternated between theory and practice was excellent. I'm already looking forward to my next round of customer talks to show that I also understand a thing or two about agriculture!'

Sales employee at a large German company in Mannheim

'Dear Ms Müller, many thanks for the great seminar! It was a real pleasure to meet you. I'm sure it won’t be the last time.'

Carmen Müller

Carmen has more than 15 years' experience in networking and organising seminars, workshops, meetings and conferences in a national and international context.

Venue owner, hostess and expert for national and international event management, she understands both the customer and the participant perspective and is intimately acquainted with the aspirations and ambitions of a further training institution and event venue.

Her trademark: is her bespoke preparation and oversight of every single event, at which her international guests in particular feel at home. Add more value to your product by choosing Straßenheimer Hof’s special brand of discreteness, reliability, creativity and specialist competence.

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