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Celebrating at Straßenheimer Hof

Time is in short supply. And finding a date the suits everybody can be extremely difficult. However, once you have surmounted this obstacle, you can lean back and relax and focus your full attention on your relatives and friends. Put simply: If Straßenheimer Hof is your dream event location, we can work with you to make your dream come true. Customised to your needs and wishes, our recommendations are as individual as our guests! We firmly believe that – from start to finish – your celebrations should bear your personal hallmark, such as your

own choice of decoration and music, perhaps even a ride in a horse and carriage, a special overnight stay or a child care option. To ensure we meet our high standards for service and quality, we only ever hold one event at a time at Straßenheimer Hof. We will be happy to arrange a viewing appointment for you to discuss everything in detail. This will enable us to draw up a non-binding offer tailored to your individual taste and requirements!

Weddings at Straßenheimer Hof

Make the happiest day of your life into an unforgettable experience – for you personally and for your guests, too. Straßenheimer Hof is a wonderful place to celebrate your wedding. Get married in the Chapel of Maria Magdalena and then arrive at Straßenheimer Hof in a carriage drawn by four horses*. Here our house photographer will be waiting to capture your wedding day memories in a private bride-and-groom photo shoot in our Manor Farmhouse gardens!

Welcome your guests with live music in the inner courtyard, dine in our spacious gallery’s long banquet hall and continue partying for as long as you wish in the old stables. When you do decide to call it a night, retire to our Happy Couple wedding suite. Next morning, wake up to a champagne breakfast – surely there's no better way to start a new life together?

(*Helicopters can land at Straßenheimer Hof too and we also arrange non-religious wedding ceremonies)

Getting married in the Chapel of Maria Magdalena

he Chapel of Maria Magdalena in Straßenheim is situated within walking distance of Straßenheimer Hof (approximately 200 metres). Dating back to 1408, it is the oldest church in Mannheim. The chapel seats around 60 people and can be booked for Protestant, Catholic or ecumenical weddings and baptisms.

Unforgettable family get-togethers in the heart of Europe

Have you ever thought of bringing the entire family together at one place? On an occasion like this, we provide you and your loved ones with the entire north wing, including the inner courtyard. Here you can celebrate together without any interruptions for as long as you like. Dance, play ball, talk, look at photos and share stories from way back when.... We provide several cosy sleeping arrangements and dormitories and serve a delicious breakfast buffet next morning, including German white sausages, scrambled egg and house-made jams and marmalades. It will be an event that everyone will cherish for a long time to come – and we are sure this is one tradition your family will not want to break with!


Let us help you plan your birthday celebrations. We have some really good ideas that are sure to delight you.
You will be surprised at some of the suggestions we come up with!


Treat your guests to mulled wine in the inner courtyard and enchant them with a forest-based Christmas theme,
including live hunting horn music, before sitting down to a festive dinner of venison and a visit from Father Christmas, of course.

Staying overnight

There are roughly 200 hotels in the Rhine-Neckar Region.
We will be happy to reserve any number of rooms for your guests in the category required
and equally happy to advise you about our premium hotel partners.

Maisonette & dormitories at Straßenheimer Hof

Sometimes the best way to support an event is to be right up close. To make that possible, we have an exclusive offer for you – your very own maisonette consisting of 2 double rooms, 1 single room, a meeting room and a bathroom and kitchenette situated directly on our grounds.

Our rooms

If you like, we can reserve our single or double 'Professor’s room' for your guest speakers. Also, on special request, we can organise a camp bed dormitory for up to 30 people as a special highlight for your family gathering.


We also have a select group of partner hotels we can recommend.

We will be happy to provide you with their contact details or will make the bookings for you, leaving you to look forward to your special event stress free. Below we have listed a few of the items we can help you with:

  • Car rental, old-timers, helicopters and horse-drawn carriages
  • Bands - DJs - classical music - soloists, etc.
  • Bridal wear
  • Carrier pigeons
  • Decorations / flower arrangements
  • Print studios
  • Photographers
  • Boxes of photos
  • Hairstyling & cosmetics
  • Hotels
  • Bouncy castles
  • Children's care
  • Churches
  • Performers, actors, agencies
  • Shuttle service
  • Registry Office
  • Event equipment
  • And much more besides