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Straßenheim Manor Farmhouse

It is now more than one hundred years ago that Dr. Albert Franck first turned his hand to systematic seed propagation, primarily oats and wheat. In the 1920s, his son-in-law, Dr. Peter Müller I, transformed Dr. Franck's business into a supra-regional player.

At the end of World War II, under Dr. Franck's grandson, Peter Müller II, Straßenheimer Hof concentrated on growing grain and sugar beet. When Dr. Peter Müller III took charge, Straßenheim ventured into inter-company collaboration and started cultivating specialty crops.

Today, we cooperate with the asparagus grower Spargelhof Großhans and also offer strawberries as part of our product range. Straßenheim produces seeds for ZG Raiffeisen, potatoes for Wild Agrar as well as sugar beets for Südzucker. Everything we grow is produced in keeping with Sustainability Best Practices and in compliance with Straßenheim’s landscape preservation regulations.

Straßenheimer Hof specialises in the sustainable management of the surrounding area and the cultivation of potatoes, sugar beets, corn and various grains. Together, this protected landscape and the adjacent nature conservation area ‘Viehwäldchen’ make Straßenheim the 'green lungs’ of this greater metropolitan region.

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Straßenheimer Hof - Räumlichkeit im Obergeschoss
Straßenheimer Hof - Räumlichkeit im Obergeschoss
Straßenheimer Hof - Räumlichkeit im Obergeschoss


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The ZG Raiffeisen-Gruppe is an innovative, efficient business and service cooperative.

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The leading producer of sugar in Europe, Südzucker commands a prominent market position in the following produce segments: special products, CropEnergies and fruit.

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A marketing cooperative for fruit and vegetables, OGA and OGV NORDBADEN EG form the business network 'Markt Bruchsal'.

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Floral decorations for weddings, baptisms, Confirmations, First Communions or funerals – our team of florists is happy to advise you on the best selection of flowers and greenery for your event, whatever the occasion.

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We give your brand an identity & a personality. For over 15 years now, we have dedicated ourselves to the design of cross-media communications solutions for customers in industry, trade and commerce. Partnership, competence and character – that’s the Alte Tabakfabrik!

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Private functions or business events – we work with you to develop a holistic concept moulded to your needs and expectations, making your event at Straßenheimer Hof an unforgettable highlight.