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Our rooms

Lovingly restored with an eye for detail, the rooms in the north wing of Straßenheimer Hof offer our guests a place where they can come together for all sorts of work or celebratory events. In all, we have 8 rooms ranging between 14 and 180m² in size distributed across two levels. Our rooms are adaptable to virtually every event scenario. Whether you will be hosting 20 or 200 people, Straßenheimer Hof

has the right room for you. A banquet table or festively decorated round tables, formal or relaxed settings, a cigar room or cocktail bar – you can configure our rooms to your heart's desire. Allow us to draw up an individual offer for you, preferably after a personal viewing that will give us an opportunity to get to know you – and you an opportunity to get to know our rooms.

Also, the rooms in the north wing also have access to

Are you looking to organise a closed meeting where you are sure not to be disturbed? Or perhaps you need a venue for a seminar, workshop, conference, presentation, premium business meeting, business celebration or outing, anniversary, exhibition, wine tasting event, book reading, concert, theatre play, fashion show, cocktail reception or tobacco evening?

Or are you searching for the perfect location for your wedding, birthday, family gathering, baptism, Confirmation, First Communion or some other family celebration? Whatever kind of venue you are looking for, Straßenheimer Hof offers you a stylish ambiance and an ideal place to come together.

A place and space to work

We offer you 8 rooms ranging in size from 14 to 180m² spread across two floors.
All rooms have natural daylight, fresh air, excellent acoustics and access to our leafy inner courtyard which you are always at liberty to use during your breaks. If the weather is good, you can eat outside too!

Conference equipment A beamer, screen, flip chart, 2 pin boards, a moderation kit and Wi-Fi are all included in the conference flat rate. If there is anything else you require to make your event a success, we will be happy to organise it for you.

Room name Floor Seating capacity Theatre/Classroom U-shaped Conference style
Écurie 1 Ground floor 70 50 25 20 20
Écurie 2 Ground floor 96 90 50 30 30
Galerie First floor 180 160 80 50 2 x 50
Seminaire First floor 90 80 40 30 30
Biblothèque Second floor 60 30 18 14
Salon 1 First floor 14 2-4
Salon 2 First floor 16 2-6
Salon 3 First floor 18 2-8

Écurie 1-2, The old stables have coat racks and toilets. They are barrier-free, accessible by wheelchairs and can be darkened. Large folding glass doors open directly onto the courtyard. The quaint arching and the historic exhibits are a reminder of the intensive care given to the horses that used to work the land here.

Galerie Galerie – A wide old wooden staircase leads up to our gallery whose open-plan antechamber serves as a stage or meeting room. It also combines well with our Seminaire room next door. The upstairs window looks out onto our green inner courtyard below. This is where the grain used to be stored. And a number of historic farming exhibits still bear witness to this bygone age.

As its name suggests, the Seminaire room is the perfect venue for seminars. Designed almost like a resonance chamber with wooden beams and floors, it offers natural acoustics and a special atmosphere. Here you need only the bare minimum in conference equipment. Indeed, most of our clients choose a ‘Wi-Fi-free zone’ to enable their participants to ‘switch off’ and focus wholly on the event.

The Biblothèque or library room is a quiet room. Situated directly above the Salons, it is best suited to smaller work groups; e.g. for offshoots of a larger-scale event. Through the gable window, you have a view of the surrounding landscape right across to the Odenwald forest. Should your inspiration ever falter, we will be more than happy to give you the key to a cabinet containing a choice selection of some of the most exquisite and also historically important works of literature.

Salons 1-3 are directly adjacent to the Galerie, but can be accessed from the courtyard. They offer an excellent opportunity for retreat and for more private talks or smaller rounds of discussion.


Straßenheimer Hof - Seminaire

Écurie 2

Straßenheimer Hof - Ecruie 2


Straßenheimer Hof - Galerie

Écurie 2

Straßenheimer Hof - Ecruie 2

Rooms for celebrating

All our rooms have natural daylight and windows that can be opened to let in fresh air. The acoustics are excellent, too. And in the summer months, the old walls ensure the rooms remain pleasantly cool.

Room name Floor Round tables Banquet U-shaped Cocktail Other options
Écurie 1 Ground floor 70 30 30 20 60 Bar, lounge, dance
Écurie 2 Ground floor 96 90 100 60 120 Bar, lounge, dance
Galerie First floor 180 120 120 50 180 Bedrooms
Seminaire, Biblothèque oder Salons First and second floors Children's corner

Écurie 1-2 include a coat rack and toilets. They are barrier-free, and can be darkened. On the ground floor, generous glass doors provide access to the inner courtyard, allowing you to step outside during your rest breaks. Alternatively, you can use this space to organise an outdoor reception. We will be happy to provide outdoor seating and tables for you.

As of 100 people, we recommend you use the Galerie in combination with Écurie 1 and/or 2.

If you have any special requests concerning any other uses or decorations for the inner courtyard, we will be delighted to do everything we can to accommodate them for you.

ground floor

Straßenheimer Hof - Grundriss Erdgeschoss

upper floor

Straßenheimer Hof - Grundriss Erdgeschoss

second floor

Straßenheimer Hof - Grundriss Erdgeschoss