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Straßenheimer Hof

The defining characteristics of Straßenheimer Hof are its history, tradition and experience. A Frankish farming estate and cultural monument with a long-standing history, Straßenheimer Hof is an enclosed courtyard. The town of Straßenheim dates back to the Franks and Romans and grew out of the outlying farming estate run by Lorsch Abbey. Coming back to the present, and to a time of advanced agricultural mechanisation, we have lovingly restored and

carefully refurbished the buildings to make space for our guests and their special events. Our function rooms make for a highly exclusive event location.

Today, Straßenheimer Hof hosts economic and political discussions, conferences, seminars and workshops as well as private concerts, book readings and exhibitions.

We want you and your guests to enjoy your stay with us!
The past is not the only time Straßenheimer Hof afforded people protection and seclusion. Today too, you and your guests can feel safely ensconced behind our walls and place your trust and confidence in us as your hosts.



Straßenheimer Hof - Tagungen

Rooted in history

Visiting Straßenheim is like taking a step back in time. Throughout history, people have sought out this secluded location to work, live or simply spend some time. Straßenheim’s roots date back to the Bronze Age when the ancient Romans used the village as a changing station on their military highway stretching from Ladenburg to Worms.

Farming estate

The settlement Straßenheim was first mentioned under the name ‘Villa Strazheim’ in the year 903 AD. Straßenheimer Hof is located in the immediate vicinity of the Chapel of Maria Magdalena. A number of houses dot landscape which features Straßenheim’s landmark, the early nineteenth century Water Tower. This quaint old farming estate, which remains in operation to this day, is surrounded by fields and meadows, offering a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of our modern-day lives.

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An eye for detail

Painstakingly restored with great attention to detail, the old farmhouse now elegantly juxtaposes tradition and modernity.

On the outside, the sandstone walls and abundant green foliage hark back to a bygone age. Inside however the stylish décor and ambience invite you to spend the perfect evening engaging in uplifting conversation or simply enjoying a few hours of relaxation.

Peace and quiet

Straßenheim's secluded location makes for unrivalled privacy that will render your time with us beyond compare. Here you have many different opportunities for taking advantage of all the estate has to offer.

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Chapel of Maria Magdalena

Today, the Chapel of Maria Magdalena is the oldest church in Mannheim. Formerly a parish church, its exact date of construction is unknown, although it is assumed the cornerstone was laid in the 13th century. The pointed arch of the Gothic window frame and the tapered portal date from the 16th century. The Baroque interior however is the result of a mid-18th century refurbishment.