An exceptional setting

At the Strassenheimer Hof, we are pleased to offer you and your team an inspiring environment for new business ideas.
We will be happy to work together with you to develop your very own personal programme.


Are you planning a business event and need someone who can organise and host it to your exact specifications? Let us help you communicate your knowledge effectively by creating an environment that will enable you to focus fully on the contents of your seminars or on the group results of your workshops. Having the right framework fosters knowledge transfer, facilitates decision-making and stimulates discussions at conferences!


However, once you have surmounted this obstacle, you can lean back and relax and focus your full attention on your relatives and friends. Put simply: If Straßenheimer Hof is your dream event location, we can work with you to make your dream come true. Customised to your needs and wishes, our recommendations are as individual as our guests!