Hold your next company event in the countryside — in the heart of the Rhein-Neckar Triangle

Everyone is waiting for face-to-face meetings to finally become possible again – your clients and employees will be delighted to meet again in the fresh air with plenty of space outdoors in the countryside in the heart of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area: undisturbed, secluded and yet easily accessible. From as little as 10 people, we will be happy to put together a customised indoor and/or outdoor offer for you.

Corporate Festivities & Events

From a summertime party to a Christmas celebration...

…your company event should be well thought out and planned especially in these difficult times!
Take advantage of the summer months and simply move your company event outdoors in the Rhine-Neckar region: whether it’s an outdoor product exhibition, an open-air brunch, a creative workshop, a barbecue evening in the open air or barn party with a farmyard Olympics — but we also have space and ideas for the winter months, as well, where sufficient distancing and fresh air can be guaranteed.

Teambuilding in the metropolitan area — for your customers, too!

Whether outdoors or indoors: we set up various workshops spread over a day for you in a charming, traditional setting on the property, or alternatively a theme camp over one or two days, where groups can try creative or sporting activities even if they have never done them before. At the end of the day, everyone can take their own self-created work or training plan home with them. We would also be delighted to organise a day in the country for you with tractor driving, berry picking and a rodeo ride at the end, or take you on a specialised agricultural excursion in the Rhine-Neckar region. The day is rounded off with a barbecue buffet – an adventure in all but name!

Why our manor is the right place for your company festivity

With us you can be completely carefree: Hygiene is a matter of course for us, but more than that, we take our time for you personally and supply you with everything you need for a successful company event in Mannheim from a single source:

  • You have the run of the place, with no other traffic: you have exclusive use of the manor
  • Our team takes care of you and your guests
  • Ample space and fresh air in the buildings and outdoors and for sufficient distancing from each other
  • There is enough space inside and outside for your design wishes: Each 6x indoor & outdoor can be used in parallel or alternately according to your configuration
  • The premises are barrier-free and easily accessible
  • Secluded yet easily accessible in the heart of the Rhein-Neckar area
  • Free parking directly in front of the manor gate
  • Top-class catering entirely as you conceive it:
    rustic or ritzy
  • Accommodation in the immediate vicinity
  • A very personal program just for you and your guests
  • Your personal planning documents, our advice and ideas included — in English too

In an old-world atmosphere: Company festivities in Mannheim-Straßenheim

Ever since the Coronavirus became part of life, you should be thinking about varied event configurations when planning: you can use our manor house, changing from room to room as the day progresses so that the venue becomes part of your company event. Here you can put into practice unusual ideas, be it with 10, 20 or 200 people! For product exhibitions, an open day and other events where fixed seating is not required and people can come and go freely, you can plan for up to 500 people. Why not combine your company festivity with a teambuilding event!

In the countryside and still very central

If you like it rural, secluded and traditional, you have come to the right place!
In the countryside and yet in the middle of the metropolitan area, between Mannheim, Frankfurt and Heidelberg, you can enjoy the luxury of being alone with your guests.
Our manor house is located in the middle of the Rhein-Neckar triangle with good transport connections and its own, free (bus) parking spaces right in front of the manor gate

Examples of corporate festivities with us in the countryside

Back to the charming, traditional and original — a home from home

Never before has the desire been stronger to serve all five senses, especially touch, smell and taste. But it doesn’t always have to be an open-ended dinner. Why not inspire your customers and employees at your company event with a “coffee break” or “tea time”, and design your programme around it: during the day you can show off your products in their best light.

Summer Festival

The closest family members can be as important to your business as your customers and employees. Therefore, they are absolutely part of your company party.
For the afternoon we provide the manor garden with a playground and large meadow. Here, not only can the children move about freely and at leisure, playing ball and other games, but you can also drink coffee, eat cakes from the circulating trays, stroll around, and have intense conversations in peace and quiet in some corner or other where you are not pressed for time — an opportunity that you simply don’t have in everyday life. In the courtyard, we can erect a small stage with microphone for you, so that everything is taken care of. End the day with a candlelight liqueur and a relaxing dance in the courtyard. In case of bad weather, we can move the whole thing indoors at short notice.

Christmas party, end of the year, New Year's reception

Do not be alone with your thoughts at the end of an exhausting year, but say goodbye to the past together with your employees, colleagues and business partners while enjoying a glass of mulled wine in the open air. Afterwards, tune in to the new unknown at the cosy winter grill. Hunting horns will give you goosebumps, the smell of fir branches will make it feel like winter, and maybe it will even snow? Enjoy yourself with all your senses in the age-old manor house.

Coffee break and Tea Time or a Tea Dance

Between 2 and 5 p.m., you can treat your customers to fine, exquisite cakes and petite fours from the traditional confectioner Herrdegen in Mannheim, as well as special coffees and teas, South Tyrolean sheet cakes and savoury canapés from our chef. In addition, you can invite a pianist or strings to add a touch of class. In the outdoor area, you can place your products or invite an artist to present his works on our Galerie. Our dance instructors are also on hand to guide you through a dance tea in the afternoon.

Brunch & Lunch or Matinée

A brunch buffet from 11.00 a.m. onwards does no harm – and usually the guests stay for the whole day. As this is the case, we serve another grilled bratwurst or a Straßenheim soup straight from the pot at around 5 pm. Musicians wander through the estate or the rooms, playing classical, folk, jazz music or anything else you like, to provide the right atmosphere with lots of movement and joy.

Lively dinner nights

A dinner without entertainment? — If you get the wrong table partner, it can quickly get boring, no matter how good the food is. Bring interactivity and a theme to your corporate party. Let us organise a Bingo, Karaoke, Schlager Songs, Tombola, Chansons, Jazz, Casino, Board or Card Game, Murder Mystery dinner, Comedy, Magic, Musical, Dance, Folklore, Western, Mafia, or White & Black Evening, where your guests can join in and laugh together. Our chef will provide you with the perfect menu and drinks, and the rooms will create the necessary atmosphere for a real corporate event through the appropriate furniture and decoration.

Gourmet company events

Do you have a specific motto or occasion for your company event? We can help you with this: The culinary delicacies of Martin’s goose with Fire, Beggar and St. Martin, a game evening to the sound of hunting horns, an Italian evening with violin player, a Spanish evening with flamenco dancers, an American evening with a burger buffet, a Russian evening with vodka fountain, a Swedish evening with Smörgasbord, a Northern German evening with a crab festival, a Mexican evening with Fajitas table buffet, a carnival day with a herring buffet, a Bavarian evening with specialties such as Brotzeit and veal shank together with Platteln (a type of folk dancing from the area), retro evening with home-style cooking and music and a South Tyrolean evening with delicacies such as kaminwurzen, Tris and Schlutzer auf dem Tisch. We never run out of ideas, and together we will find what works best for you.

Ball Night

Have exclusive use of the manor for your ball and surprise your guests with different things in each room, such as different drinks and (flying) buffet stations, dance areas and raffle for good causes. This keeps the participants mobile and moving from room to room. Classical, classy or rural with a farmer’s buffet. In summer, we will also be happy to set up a long table or round tables for up to 200 people in the courtyard, with a dance hall in our old horse stables.

Unusual events for your company

Ladies or Gents Sunday

A three-hour wreath tying workshop for beginners and experts at the same time (autumn, winter, spring, or summer) with “coffee break”, “tea time” or final dinner or barbecue evening.
After an introduction to the subject, techniques and, above all, the latest trends in floristry, you will relax, exchange ideas, and be creative together. Afterwards, you can take the perfect wreath home and surprise your partner or mother-in-law with it.

Our camps — corporate events with teambuilding

Whether just for learning, relaxing or as competitive teambuilding: we set up various workshops or workshops that can be staged either in parallel or specifically as a themed camp, over one or more days. The highlight in summer is the matching tent camp on the horse paddock with campfire and guitar music or a shared mattress camp on the top floor of our Galerie. All participants are guaranteed to get to know each other very well. Or you can choose a single slot as a 3-hour workshop to be fitted in before a shared culinary evening.

Farmers’ camp: a day in the countryside

During a farm tour, the participants will learn about the challenges of the agricultural year, from sowing to harvesting – and also about the technology used. During a field tour they discover and discuss different plant crops and animals that spend their lives outside. Those who prefer a more sporty approach can complete the whole thing on a bike as a scavenger hunt. A detour to the dairy cows, pigs or chickens is possible. Mental and actual yard sweeping, removing stones from the fields, hoeing weeds, sorting out varieties in the wheat field – such hands-on tasks have a meditative effect and are just as much a part of a country day as driving a tractor or accompanying the combine harvester. The day ends with a farmer’s Olympics with a self-test: “What will I take away with me from this camp?” and grilled suckling pig.

Berry Camp — harvest and sort them yourself

This question is answered during a tour on a bicycle or horse-drawn carriage out in the countryside, after which you can pick your own strawberries in a strawberry field (possibly as a competition — but make sure you do it right!). You can process them at the estate together with our chef and taste them or take them home with you. You can bring your own containers in unlimited numbers and sizes.

Sports Camp: a day in the fresh air

Our personal trainers agree on the contents with the participants. Depending on your interests, we
work together to develop a programme for you to follow at home: how do you run or walk properly? How should I eat? Various sports equipment for home use, such as slack line, trampoline, etc., can be tried out under supervision. At lunchtime, the appropriate food is created together and judged in a “tasting” session. In the afternoon, a football, table tennis, basketball or volleyball tournament is organised. If you want to try something completely new in between, you can also try yoga, Tai chi, self-defence, square dancing, Platteln dancing, field jogging, cycling and inline skating or even golf, horse riding and climbing.

Creative Camp: slow down and relax

Being creative together and getting to know each other better in the process: at this camp, participants can choose between different creative workshops: painting and drawing, wreath making, macramée weaving, photography, singing, dancing and of course cooking with our chef in his kitchen. The cooking groups will be given various tasks, and the results will be assessed with a joint “tasting” afterwards. Of course, the participants take their own creations home with them: many participants have already surprised their wives when they get home with them.

Games — Camp: because in every adult there is a child

Even for children, playing all day is often a dream! This day must be clearly structured for it to work. First, in all cases, the mobile phone is handed in. Then it can be divided into workshops with sports group games such as table tennis, badminton, football, basketball, volleyball, fireball and dodgeball, tug-of-war and other outdoor games, board games, simple but tactile board and strategy games that are rotated through in competition. During the lunch break, a soothing deep relaxation is proposed, and the game king or queen is crowned at the end of the evening at the latest.

Nature Camp: go outside and do it yourself!

Participants define the camp rules. Mobile phone yes or no? Then the first task: to pitch a tent and make a campfire. Who can do that besides the scouts? And the last step in terms of difficulty, the kitchen tent, will be a real challenge. The team builds its own camp and cooks and grills under the watchful eye of the teacher. Then they walk or drive in a horse-drawn wagon and a nature educator out into nature and discover what grows and lives there. Is there anything useful in it? After a successful, traditional treasure hunt with lots of exercise, the groups return home and begin to talk uninhibitedly around the campfire. This is how real friendships are created.

At a glance

Event participants Season Included in the programme
Farmers Camp
10-200 in groups
Operation tour, Field tour, Tractor driving, Group tasks yard and field, Farmer Olympics
Berry Camp
10-200 in groups
small bike tour, picking, preparing and, tasting strawberries
Sport Camp
10-200 in groups
Personal Training devices, Cooking
Creative Camp
10-200 in groups
wreath tying, photography, singing, painting/drawing, macramé braiding, cooking
Game Camp
Nature Camp
5-50 people
Experiencing nature, Cooking, Campfire, Tents