At the Strassenheimer Hof, we are pleased to offer you and your team an inspiring environment for new business ideas. We will be happy to work together with you to develop your very own personal programme.

Are you planning a business event and need someone who can organise and host it to your exact specifications? Let us help you communicate your knowledge effectively by creating an environment that will enable you to focus fully on the contents of your seminars or on the group results of your workshops. Having the right framework fosters knowledge transfer, facilitates decision-making and stimulates discussions at conferences!

We can manage your entire event for you, from preparation to event implementation and post-event analysis. Alternatively, we can assist you with parts of your event (e. g. participant management).

We have an incredibly flexible range of services that we align with your specific needs.

We look forward to discussing them with you!

Sowing. Growing. Harvesting.

More about our seminars, workshops & framework programmes

Did you know the term ‘seminar’ derives from the 16th-century Latin ‘seminare’ which means ‘to sow’ or ‘seminarum’ for ‘plant nursery’? Before sowing the seed, farmers first tend to it. They prepare the ground and ensure it is protected from unwanted external influences – much in the same way that you do when deliberating how best to disseminate your professional or strategic agenda. You prepare your topics and create an inspiring atmosphere for your employees and business partners. And we are there to support you.

You name it – agricultural, outdoor, cultural and sporting side events of all kinds – we can organise it for you! At our fingertips, we have an extensive network of speakers, consultants, moderators, experts and other partners. Allow us to compile a seminar, conference or framework programme customised to your specific national or international needs profile.

Give your employees an experience they will remember for a long time to come…

Relaxing and inspiring seminars by our carefully selected trainers and speakers on a wide range of topics we specialise in and can recommend or from a specially compiled incentives programme purpose-built together with you.

Going with the seasons: ‘Agriculture hands on’ – Delve into nature and transfer your experiences to your day-to-day business operations. In field surveys on the topic of ‘What’s actually growing out there and why?’ or ‘The earth element’, we take your participants out into our fields – even barefoot on request – to give them a professional, sensory or fun-based educational experience.
Depending on the season, you can get hands on and harvest asparagus or pick strawberries. We like to make this into a team-building experience which we follow up with a baking or cooking competition. Theharvest season can vary, but as a general guideline:

May/June: Asparagus and strawberries

July/August: From corn flour to bread – on the grain trail

September to October: Potatoes and apples

Team events: BBQing, cooking courses, football or volley ball tournaments, golf for beginners, riding for beginners/trail ride, boat trip on the Rhine/Neckar, wine tasting

Cultural trips to Heidelberg, Speyer, Mannheim, Weinheim and Worms

Works outings comprising various workshops (with a creative, sports-related, cultural, or language-based theme)

Theatre plays in the courtyard’ or ‘music in the courtyard’

Alternatively, we can organise activities based on an incentives programme purpose built with and for you.

And of course we are there to assist you throughout, especially with intensive exchanges on intercultural, economic, ecological, agricultural or political topics. Our VIP guests particularly enjoy our inspiring talks by the fireside and savour our specialist programmes for more sophisticated tastes and agendas.

It is our mission to design bespoke solutions for you and your guests and we look forward to talking to you about yours!