Are you looking for a sustainable wedding venue in Mannheim?

If you are looking for nature, the countryside and the luxury of being alone with your guests, you have come to the right place. The Straßenheimer Hof is now run by the fourth generation. More than 100 years ago, our great-grandparents laid a lasting foundation for everything that followed. Doing the right thing in the right way – that’s how we want to support you with for your wedding in the long term!

Marry & Celebrate in Nature

You hold court at your wedding. Outdoors in nature and yet in the middle of the metropolitan region, in Mannheim, you give your personal signature to your celebration, and we take care of the necessary privacy. Our concept: You use the wedding location all to yourself, whether with 20 or 200 people, in any case with plenty of space for sufficient distancing outside as well as inside.

Mannheim, but without the big city noise

Nestled in a landscape conservation area, your wedding venue is located in the heart of a green oasis just outside Mannheim. Here you can get married in the middle of nature with an abundance of peace and attention to the essentials. No one else will disturb you on your day and we also plan enough time for the “day before” and the “day after”. Getting married without stress and hurry: that’s what we mean by “sustainable”.

Wedding at the manor?

The Straßenheimer Hof manor in Mannheim is more than just a wedding venue. It is still a working farm adhering to best business practices. However, it is not a rustic farm with livestock, but an estate with arable farming and small horse breeding. Tradition and modernity meet here. Animals are just as welcome at your wedding as children. For the latter, we provide toys on request or you can book the manor grounds with playground and trampoline for the afternoon.

The Straßenheimer Hof: a sustainable wedding venue

In the midst of nature, we have been cultivating sustainable business practices at our wedding venue for generations in order to sustain our operations in the long term. We put this philosophy into practice at all our weddings:

No Plastic – no waste: we try to use material in all areas that can still be used by generations after us. We do this with sustainable, degradable maintenance products for a high longevity of our wedding venue and to protect our sewage system and the nature around us.

In our catering, we use regional products wherever possible, preferably from our own farm in Mannheim or that of our partners. This means we can do without ready-made products when cooking and avoid long transportation over long distances. As far as possible, we do not throw away food. We cook as much as necessary to ensure there is enough, but never too much left over.

We deliberately do without air-conditioning and built-in air filters in the historical buildings, but every room has the option of a fresh air supply. We do not use radiant heaters outside or unnecessary heating in the rooms. In any case, your wedding with us in the middle of nature comes alive from “being inside as well as outside”.

We try to avoid radiation from technical equipment. We therefore prefer to work with cables rather than remote control devices. We have Wi-Fi, but where possible we try to stay offline and encourage human closeness instead.

For the sake of the environment and wildlife, we discourage balloons, fireworks, drones and confetti, and are happy to recommend sustainable alternatives for a surprise from your groomsmen.

Marriage in Mannheim-Straßenheim: With your own chapel

Your wedding should be something special — we are happy to set up your personal wedding venue where you can get married: whether in the manor garden under the ancient pear trees, in the arbor or in front of the Angel fountain, or in the garden courtyard – here you are surrounded by greenery everywhere in the middle of nature. In the event of rain, you can temporarily move to the Galerie or our Seminaire, which is equipped as a wedding room for up to 200 people. The nearby Magdalenenkapelle chapel with seating for 70 guests is the perfect venue for a religious (Protestant/Catholic) wedding ceremony. Our maisonette is at your disposal to get you and your maid of honour ready, with a hairdresser and beautician on hand

Celebrate your wedding and enjoy the catering

Our chef de cuisine Herbert Auer and his team offer you top-class catering. Together with you, we develop a comprehensive, personal concept entirely according to your ideas and wishes, which will make your wedding unforgettable. Whether it’s an Italian barbecue buffet or a sit-down five-course menu – we also have many creative ideas for your international wedding to appeal to your guests who have travelled a long way by including country-specific elements in the catering so that they also feel warmly welcomed at your event.

Plan your wedding with us!

Celebrating Marriage

Come as a guest – go as a friend: First and foremost, sustainability for us also means that you and your guests are always welcome back here, because you always meet twice in life. You get married and celebrate in listed buildings that will still “tell” your descendants about your wedding. Or maybe it’s the other way round, and your grandchildren will one day get married in this – your wedding venue – and still talk about your wedding?
Or maybe you will simply come back to Mannheim for your anniversary?

Silver wedding

The silver wedding anniversary is the symbol for twenty-five years of marriage, which you have successfully shared together with your partner! This special wedding anniversary offers you the opportunity to celebrate your love and togetherness in the company of your loved ones.
If you want to add a special touch to your 25th wedding anniversary, you can opt to renew your wedding vows. These can be performed in a church service, for example, or as a ceremony with a freelance wedding master of ceremonies. Regardless of whether you decide on a large party with your entire circle of friends and acquaintances or a small, intimate family celebration – the silver wedding anniversary is a beautiful occasion to celebrate 25 years of marriage together in a fitting manner.

Golden wedding anniversary

This day is celebrated! Because the couple has spent most of their lives together and the marriage has become as solid and precious as gold. The expensive metal is a symbol of wisdom and wealth. It represents what two people have gained after fifty years of marriage. Give your parents or relatives a treat and take charge of planning this special day. It is a nice idea to organise a church ceremony before the celebration. Here, the wedding vows can be repeated with a church blessing and the couple can exchange wedding rings again. Afterwards, create a surprise by picking up the couple from the church in a horse-drawn carriage and taking them to the wedding venue. Also think about how the couple would prefer to spend the day. Do they attach great importance to a lavish party or a small celebration in the circle of family and closest friends? What did they have to eat fifty years ago, perhaps we can mirror that in the catering?

...and then there was the....

Wedding Day: White or Green Wedding

1st anniversary: paper wedding
2nd anniversary: cotton wedding
3rd wedding anniversary: leather wedding
4th Wedding Anniversary: Linen/Silk Wedding
5th Wedding Anniversary: Wooden Wedding
6th Wedding anniversary: Iron wedding
7th Wedding Anniversary: Copper Wedding
8th Wedding Anniversary: Bronze Wedding
9th Wedding: Pottery Wedding
10th Wedding Anniversary: Tin Wedding
12th Wedding anniversary: Steel wedding
15th Wedding Anniversary: Crystal or Glass Wedding
20th anniversary of the wedding: China wedding
25th Wedding Anniversary: Silver Wedding

30th Anniversary: Pearl Wedding
35th Anniversary: Coral Wedding
40th Anniversary: Ruby Wedding
45th Anniversary: Sapphire Wedding
50th Anniversary: Golden Wedding
55th Anniversary: Emerald Wedding
60th Anniversary: Diamond Wedding
65th Anniversary: Iron Wedding
70th Anniversary: Platinum Wedding
75th Anniversary: Diamond Wedding
100th Anniversary: Sky Wedding

Ideas for your sustainable wedding at the Straßenheimer Hof

Idea Description
All in one — The first way
We provide everything you need for your wedding from a single source. In addition to the wedding venue and catering, we can also take care of the entire wedding planning for you. After we have defined the budget together, you can sit back, relax and let us take care of everything. Each step is discussed and agreed together.
Do it yourself — The second way
You already have a wedding planner or want to organise your wedding yourself? No problem, you book your wedding location and catering with us, and we provide you with a recommendation list of various service providers and hotels, as well as templates for the sequence of events, seating, room planning and the hygiene concept.
The day before your wedding:
decorating event
Make decorating a highlight before your wedding reception. Assign your best friends, whom you can rely on, and invite them to decorate a day in advance. We will spoil you with cold drinks, coffee and canapés. Almost like a little pre-party.
Get ready
The day before your wedding, you and your maid of honour will spend the night in our maisonette. In the morning, your hairdresser and beautician will be waiting for you with a glass of champagne. The dress will be adjusted one last time and then you are ready to go.
The day after your wedding - hangover breakfast
Clean up and pick up presents, say goodbye to your guests: why not invite the core of your guests to the breakfast buffet at the Straßenheimer Hof the next day, then the whole thing will be easier and all the more enjoyable. Maybe they'll even dance again over a glass of prosecco? The most beautiful weddings are those that last more than 3 days anyway...
Micro wedding
Do you prefer it small but nice and just want to spend some quality time together with your closest friends and relatives? Book yourself into the Straßenheimer Hof for several days or a whole week and set up your personal programme with us. Our maisonette is available for the bridal couple, and we set up various mattress dormitories for your guests.
Themed wedding and wedding trends
Whether vintage, clean chic, minimal boho, eclectic, living room, retro or animal wedding. Almost anything is possible with the Straßenheimer Hof as your wedding venue and we will assist you with your requirements!
Better all-inclusive than hidden costs
Our prices include everything you need for your wedding celebration: every fork, every knife, every glass as well as the complete service, no matter how much you need and no matter how long you celebrate. Flat-rate and transparent, we only charge for what has been agreed in the end. Even if you are still celebrating at five in the morning.
Wedding Dinner Tasting
Every year we invite all interested bridal couples and relatives to a rehearsal dinner at the Straßenheimer Hof in Mannheim. Here we give you the opportunity to get to know our wedding venue, laid out and decorated, and to test our complete catering arrangement. In addition, our chef will introduce you to our wines and you can get advice.