We provide you with a space for your family party in Mannheim

Finally, exchanging ideas again, looking at photos and telling stories from the past, maybe even dancing again and playing ball with the children outside – everyone will be thrilled with this family celebration. We have room for your ideas and will be happy to help you make them come true.

Meet your loved ones in a quiet atmosphere

Whether it's an important birthday or a Christening...

…when your family celebrates a special occasion, you can enjoy exclusivity, where no one else can disturb you because you rent our venue all to yourself. Our team will be dedicated to you and your guests. You can celebrate baptisms, confirmations, cousins’ reunions or a family celebration at Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or on New Year’s Day with us however you wish. We take time to advise you personally and to prepare your family reunion as you imagine it.

One location - many rooms

While festive meals are still being served in the old horse stables or on the Galerie, the little ones are allowed to play undisturbed in the courtyard behind closed courtyard gates. Whether indoors or outdoors, everyone can unwind with us: we provide cars and toys as well as our table tennis table, football goals or badminton net. You can also book the manor garden for the afternoon with a playground, swing and trampoline. And of course, your pets must be at the family reunion too!

Your family celebration should be remembered

Promote family cohesion with an unforgettable family reunion!
Do you have a large family that lives far apart? Book your location for a whole weekend or several days, so that the whole family can catch up and there is enough time to chat while the family celebration is in full spring. Watch with pleasure to see who is meeting whom across the different generations!
With just a little planning and preparation, you can organise an amazing family reunion that will create new memories and celebrate the family history that you all share.

From traditional to unconventional: Family celebrations at the Straßenheimer Hof

We support you with a corresponding support programme and set up several sleeping nests and “mattress dormitories” on request. In the morning we serve a delicious breakfast buffet with white sausage, scrambled eggs and homemade jams. If you want, you can look over the shoulder of our chef. Unforgettable and different – everyone will be talking about it for a long time and want to take part in the family reunion tradition in the future.

Mannheim-Straßenheim: Urban environment, quiet location

In the middle of a European metropolitan area and yet in the countryside, the Straßenheimer Hof lies just outside Mannheim. The location is easily accessible by car, train and plane, and has its own, free parking directly in front of the Manor gate. We can also set up a helicopter landing site for you directly in front of the location.
During a noisy family celebration, you can relax with us, retreat from time to time to a niche and simply enjoy yourself. If you are on site for several days, the younger generation can explore the area by bike or tram while you lie in a hammock.

Inspirations for family celebrations of all kinds

Family is the highest good

A family reunion can include musicians, sports enthusiasts, techies and others with different interests, but you all have one thing in common — your family history. If you learn about your family history, it will strengthen your family affiliation and create great unity in your family because it is the one thing you share that no one else can.
If you take away the financial and organisational load, it might take place more often and be more successful.

Whether a cousins’ reunion or a complete family reunion: you decide which family members should come and how big the family party should be.

An important principle for successful family reunions is self-payment. Firstly, this reduces the financial risk for the organisers and more importantly, the family reunions take place continuously because no one feels exploited. Those who cannot finance their participation, e.g. as a student, will certainly find a sponsor for the travel allowance in a well-functioning community. Another advantage of paying oneself is that everyone can invite guests to the family reunion because they also pay for their bill and don’t have to ask anyone else.
It turns out organising a family reunion is surprisingly easy. You book your location as a lump sum according to the choice of room and programme, catering and time period and divide the amount by the number of participants. The more who come, the cheaper it is for everyone. This way, everyone makes an effort to bring someone else from the family. Children up to 14 years are charged separately. Those who want to come earlier or leave later can do so, the amount remains the same for everyone in solidarity. Anyone who has paid into the organiser’s account by day x is sure to come.

Leisure opportunities for the family

We are happy to help you design your programme. In addition to our activities at the manor you have a wide range of things do in the Rhine-Neckar region. We have selected some possibilities for you:

What & Where? Distance
Bicycles can be rented
with us on the farm, the bike route leads directly past the location
Table tennis, billiards, foosball table, board games outdoors and indoors, football, volleyball, fireball, dodgeball, basketball, treasure hunt and much more.
All this is possible with us on the farm
Golf course, Gut Neuzenhof, Heddesheim
Approx. 5 minutes
Swimming lake Heddesheim
Approx. 5 minutes
Climbing forest and bird park Viernheim
Approx. 5 km
Hiking in the vineyard with wine tasting
Approx. 6 km
Wildlife enclosure Karlstern, Mannheim
Approx. 8 km
Miramar Weinheim, water fun and wellness for the whole family
Approx. 10 km
Sightseeing flight over Mannheim and the region
Approx. 10 km
Approx. 10 km
Planetarium, Art Gallery, Castle or Shopping in Mannheim
Approx. 15 km
Hiking or horseback riding in the Odenwald
Approx. 18 km
Guided tour of Heidelberg
Approx. 20 km
Schwetzingen Castle
Approx. 20 km
Boat trip on the Rhine
Approx. 15 km
Lorsch Abbey
Approx. 20 km
Approx. 30 km
Cathedral and Technology Museum Speyer
Approx. 50 km